‘Branching Out’ – An Anthology of Poetry & Story

The Limerick Writers’ Centre is excited to announce the launch of  “Branching Out,” a captivating anthology showcasing the creative compositions of participants who recently engaged in our course of the same name. This exceptional collection emerged from the course held not long ago and will be officially launched at the People’s Museum of Limerick, located in Pery Square, Limerick, on September 12th at 7:30 pm.

In attendance at the launch will be editors Fiona Clarke Echlin and Jessica Browne. Proudly sponsored by The Mid-West Regional Drug and Alcohol Forum, the course and resulting anthology serve as an artistic response to the challenges post-Covid times posed. They stand as a testament to the diverse journeys individuals undertook, demonstrating how they navigated, endured, thrived, and coped during those testing periods.

Within the anthology lies a reflection of collective resilience, offering readers a glimpse into the human spirit’s remarkable capacity for growth and rejuvenation when faced with adversity. Contributors featured in the anthology will have the opportunity to share their work from the course during the event, and we extend a warm invitation to the public to join us.

For any inquiries, please contact Dominic Taylor at limerickwriterscentre@gmail.com

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