About the Mid West Regional Drugs & Alcohol Forum

The Mid West Regional Drugs Task Force (MWRDTF) was established under the National Drugs Strategy 2001 – 2008 to research, develop, implement and monitor a co-ordinated response to illicit drug use at regional level, based on evidence of what is effective.

The Task Force is responsible for ensuring the development of a co-ordinated response to tackling drugs problems in counties Clare, Limerick, North Tipperary and Limerick City.

Role of the Mid-West Regional Drug and Alcohol Forum (MWRDAF)

The role of the task force is to implement the goals of the national drug strategy 2017-2025.
The key goals include:

  1. To promote and protect health and well-being.
  2. Minimise the harms caused by the use and misuse of substances and promote rehab and recovery.
  3. Support participation of individuals families and communities
  4. Address the harms of drug markets and reduce access to drugs for harmful use.
  5. Develop sound and comprehensive evidence informed policies and actions.

The MWRDAF works collaboratively with community, voluntary and statutory agencies in addressing drug and alcohol issues in the mid-west.

Drug and alcohol issues not only effect an individual but has effects on families and communities in many ways.

The MWRDAF aims to ensure the development of a co-ordinated and integrated response to illicit drug use.

In addition, the forum will work collaboratively in addressing drug and alcohol related issues in the Mid-West in the following ways

  • To identify and address gaps in service provision, having regard for evidence available on the extent and specific location of illicit drug use in the region.
  • To provide information in relation to supports available for families and individuals effected by drug and alcohol use.
  • To provide information and regular reports to the department.